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During this tour, participants will:

  • Learn firsthand about the many careers, training, and educational opportunities available in the Army.
• Observe state-of-the-art educational facilities that employ interactive simulations to train and educate Soldiers.
• Experience the Army through interaction with high-tech virtual experiences, real-world technologies and actual soldiers.
• See, touch, and learn firsthand what it means to be a Soldier, including the many high-tech aspects of the Army.
• Learn about the Army’s free educational resources to support your students and your school’s curriculum.
• You’ll also have an opportunity to operate equipment & talk with real soldiers about their Army experience!


  • A chance to experience the Army lifestyle.
  • Hands-on experiences doing some of the things our soldiers do on a daily basis.
  • Learn the truth about Army opportunities and have the confidence to share what you learn with students who are interested in the Army.


  • Casual clothing much like you would wear to your school with comfortable shoes (you will be doing mild walking each day).
  • A jacket for cool weather and something to keep you dry should it rain
  • Identification with the same name and other information you provide us to purchase your hotel room and/or airfare.
  • A method of payment for all meals and incidentals during our tour.


• Transportation to and from the site
• Private Hotel accommodations
• Per-diem reimbursement for food
• Professional tour coordination and relaxing, informative and fun learning

For more information on how you can register to attend the next US Army  Educator’s Tour in 2018 please contact William Stratton at:
Office: 614-405-8408


Three Versions of the ASVAB


A large number of potential military recruits take the CAT-ASVAB. This computer adaptive test is an automated test administration system that displays questions, scores and records answers, scores ASVAB subtests, computes your AFQT, and allows for flexible start times and self-paced responses. This test is given at a Military Entrance Processing Station (MEPS) and is used for enlistment purposes only. The CAT takes about an hour and a half. The exam covers the same sub-tests as the MET-site ASVAB, except the CAT has 10 sub-tests because it divides the Auto Shop subtest into 2 subtests – Auto Information and Shop Information.

Computerized Adaptive Testing means that if the correct answer is chosen, the next question will be harder. If the answer given is incorrect, the next question will be easier. This also means that once an answer is selected on the CAT it cannot be changed.

Although you can speed through the CAT at your own pace, the test does have a time limit. If you finish a subtest before the time limit is reached, you automatically go on to the next test. Unlike the MET-site ASVAB you may leave the test room as soon as you are finished.

Scoring the CAT-ASVAB

Your CAT-ASVAB subtest scores are computed using formulas that take into account the difficulty of the test question and correctness of the answer. Your CAT-ASVAB raw scores are not equal to the total number of correct answers. Test scores are good for two years.


The MET-site ASVAB Explained

The MET-site ASVAB is given at a Mobile Examination Test site. This test is used solely for enlistment into one of the military services. Test sites are located in different cities. You will need to be referred by a recruiter to take the MET-site ASVAB. The MET is an eight area test multiple-choice exam where you write your answer on a separate answer sheet. Since it is a pen and paper test, answers can be changed.  But be sure to completely erase all the changes you make – the answer sheet scanner is very sensitive. You are given a set amount of time, so you must do your best to answer all the questions in the time given. Unlike the CAT-ASVAB, you may not leave the testing room if you finish before the other testers. You should plan on spending several hours at the MET-site when taking this version of the ASVAB.

TIP: GUESS – Your test score is based on the number of items you have answered correctly in the allotted time, you are not penalized for wrong answers. A blank answer is always wrong but if you take a guess at least you have a chance of getting the question right.

Scoring the MET-site ASVAB
The testadministrator sends test results back to the MEPS. The MEPS test administrator will give you a sealed envelope, which contains your unverified test scores to take back to your recruiter. Once your answer sheet has been scored at the MEPS, you will be able to get your verified test scores from your recruiter.


The Student ASVAB Career Exploration Program

The Student ASVAB CEP is used for career exploration for high school and college students. This pen and paper test version is given in high schools, colleges, or vocational schools. It is approximately 3 hours and is composed of 8 subtests. Test results are sent to your school for you and your counselor to explore careers (this is called a post-test interpretation). You will also be given an interest inventory (Find Your Interests). Your ASVAB test results and “Find Your Interests” are tools for you to explore different occupations, identify a college major, and find out about your personality. Your AFQT military qualification score is reflected on your test results and can be used to enlist in any of the military services.

With all versions of the ASVAB your test score is based on the number of items you have answered correctly in the allotted time, you are not penalized for wrong answers. A blank answer is always wrong but if you take a guess at least you have a chance of getting the question right.

Community Partner Outreach Program

Help inspire our youth to serve and protect the future of our all-volunteer force.

Partnerships between communities and U.S. Army Recruiting Command are vital elements to bridging the gap between the American public and the military. About 50 percent of today’s youth admit they know little to nothing about the military – you can help us change this statistic by educating youth and their influencers about the career, education and leadership opportunities the Army offers. Become a partner today by visiting the link below.